Investing manually, without useful analytics to adequately evaluate market conditions, meant that we had to endure several losses. The main concern was the amount of irrelevant data and outdated analytics currently being offered.

We took it upon ourselves to sift through the data to find correlations and derive modern, useful metrics that will make sense to today's investors.


Our goal is to make investing easier and more accessible to investors.

Our Awesome Team

  • Abhishek Appadoo
  • Founder, Product Development
  • As a software engineer with a passion for data science and its applications in the financial markets, I founded Xeohive to make investing using AI more accessible to investors.
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  • Suhail Parry
  • Sales & marketing
  • I am an experienced salesman with an entrepreneurship background and high expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
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  • Christine Matar
  • Illustration and Design
  • Having almost a decade experience with illustration and design work, I am very hyped to work with Xeohive and help provide a modern and user-friendly interface.
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