What is
Artificial Intelligence?

AI is what humans can do and beyond, but done by machines. A concept that has been around for quite a while but is still continuously evolving with time, AI is linked with the field of science and mathematics and involves machines which are pre-programmed with all the information that is relevant to the task they are designed to perform. From reducing human errors to responding to situations with speed of light, AI is the way to go!
  • Promotes Efficiency
  • Less prone to errors, More Profits
  • Fully Automatic, No user input required.

Artificial Intelligence and
Xeohive dream-pair!

Why a trading system that aims to provide fast, secure and profitable trading wont incorporate AI into its system is beyond question. For a trading platform which not only deals in fiat (USD, EURO) but also in cryptocurrency and stocks (Apple Inc. Microsoft), which are some of the most volatile financial instruments, AI is the perfect and the most optimum solution for providing what this system stands for and which is trading conveniently but intelligently and profitably.

Powered by its own artificial intelligence entities and programmed by the company itself, XEOHIVE aims to become a fully automated one-of-its-kind trading system of the present and future.
  • Highly Compatible
  • Maximize Profits
  • Automatic 24/7 Monitoring

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • High Computational Power

  • A.I systems have massive computational power making them extremely efficient at analyzing different scenarios and taking instant decisions.
  • Works 24/7

  • A.I systems requires no breaks and can run 24/7 with minimal downtimes. This makes for a very efficient worker that promotes efficiency and profitability.
  • Error Reduction

  • The system excels at reducing errors that are commonly made by human operators since it can compute massive data at a rapid rate and take instant actions.
  • Complex Explorations

  • The A.I system is very adaptable and can run multiple scenarios and explore complex possibilities that a human cannot process.
  • Fast Process

  • Our A.i system is driven by efficiency and reliable hardware to ensure that it is operating at optimum speeds, hence reducing processing time.
  • Repetitive Work

  • Artificial Intelligence excels at repetitive work and can easily detect patterns / trends that occur which they factor into their future processes.

Meet our A.I Team

  • NEO

  • NEO is responsible for the data analysis of historical data that preludes the trading process. It will be used to continuously gather real-time data across exchanges so that its memory is updated on an ongoing basis and detects trends/patterns using analytics technology. It then sets the parameters for trading based on these trends and passes on these along with some recommendations to the next system for processing.
  • XEO

  • The second system, XEO, works on the basis of information provided by the NEO. Basically it is used to perform automated trading based on the parameters and recommendations received earlier. It uses this information to trade across various exchanges while at the same time evaluating if the pre-determined set of conditions (parameters) are being followed. If not followed correctly, this system automatically changes protocols so that risks can be minimised.
  • TEO

  • TEO , will be responsible for customer relations such as support questions and informing the public about upcoming news. Its responsibilities include satisfying customer queries, handling any support related issues faced by the customers as well as maintaining XEOHIVE’s public image by consistently updating public about what the company is up to and any upcoming news. A system which is expected to go live after our company goes public, TEO will keep you posted about anything XEOHIVE-related.
  • ZAO

  • ZAO , will be responsible for compiling and monitoring all news feed about xeohive investments to be able to predicts upcoming change in trends that will enable us to trade more effectively. We will also be able to monitor potential shocks in the market and protect our investments while maximizing our profits. It will come into effect around the end of 2018.