• Peace of Mind

  • Xeohive is constantly monitoring the markets and will notify you of any relevant changes in the market and even acting upon it when required.
  • Automated Portfolio

  • Based on your preferences, our Artificial Intelligence system will trade automatically on your behalf to augment your digital assets.
  • Consistent Results

  • Our Artificial Intelligence systems are constantly updated and throughly backtested to keep up with ever changing market conditions.

Simple and Intuitive

Xeohive has been tailored to make the user experience as smooth as possible while providing the relevant information in a user-frendly interface. Get started within minutes!
  • Connect to your trading platform
  • Choose your basic configurations
  • Press Start and begin trading instantly

Adaptable and Efficient

Xeohive is continuously analyzing market data and is able to adapt instantly to different scenarios while it is happening.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Maximize Profits & Minimize Risks
  • Change Algorithms automatically

Secure and Reliable

Xeohive has been developed with the security of its clients in mind and has been throughly backtested for different scenarios.
  • Transparent system
  • Constant backtesting of our algorithms
  • Regularly updated


  • CryptoSuite
  • A.I Powered Trading
    1. Automated Trading
    2. Instant Notifications
    3. Diverse Portfolio
    4. Sentiment Analysis
    5. Multiple Strategies

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