Blockchain Digital Assets

Digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are quickly emerging as a new form of payment across the world thanks to its security and low transaction fees. The combined market cap as of 2017 is north of 100B USD. It has been gaining ground recently in the news and is making their way into major financial institutions that recognizes its enormous potential.

Blockchain Assets & Xeohive

Due to the increase of popularity of digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Xeohive platform has added crypto trading pairs as part of its diverse portfolio and allows its users to keep track and automatically trade them 24/7.
  • Diversified Investments
  • 24/7 Market Monitoring
  • Secured digital wallets

What are cryptocurrencies?

CryptoCurrencies has been around for decades but only recently vaulted into the spotlight following Bitcoin's dramatic rise at the end of 2017. The move sparked a global interest in digital assets, not only for individuals but corporate entities such as banks and hedge funds. The underlying technology i.e Blockchain, has proven its resiliency and safety for transactions and is quickly being adopted by major financial institutions to replace traditional methods.
  • 24/7 Decentralized Market
  • Lower transactions costs
  • Single currency worldwide.

Advantages of Blockchain Assets

These are some of the key advantages that makes blockchain assets a primary focus for Xeohive.

  • High Security
  • Digital money promotes a cashless society and is much secure as compared to traditional money as it resides in heavily encrypted addresses that only its owner can access through a private key.
  • Fast Transaction
  • Most digital currencies have a relatively fast transmission rate especially for international payments since it does not require bank approvals or currency changes.
  • Low Cost
  • The transaction cost for payments are extremely low compared to traditional payment methods such as checks and credit cards and can therefore significantly reduce the amount that has to be paid by the consumer.
  • Real Privacy
  • Digital Currency relies on the premise of anonymity, meaning that some transactions between its members can remain completely anonymous should they require it.
  • Buy/Sell Anywhere
  • Digital currencies can be used anywhere accepted. It does not require any physical money and can be done from the comfort of the home or instant payment though mobile applications.
  • Worldwide Currency
  • Digital currencies are available worldwide and can be instantly transferred from one source to another across the world without any conversion or exorbitant fees.

Top 4 CryptoCurrencies

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  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is without doubt the most popular digital currency in the world and is a part of the galaxy which is known as blockchain technology. A supply which is limited to one million bitcoins, it is a currency that remains unaffected by inflation and other controlling factors. Furthermore, it is a publicly designed open-source of trading which is not controlled by any centralised authority and which can be undertaken by any individual or financial institution.
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  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum is another product of the block chain technology. The traders on the network earn and deal in ‘ethers’ as compared to ‘bitcoins’ and these ethers can also be used to pay for transaction fees and services on the Ethereum network. The claim of cryptocurrency or digital currencies to be the money of future is mainly attributable to the many benefits of using this intangible-cash.
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  • Ripple
  • A newcomer to the digital currency world with a focus towards instant, low-cost international payments. Ripple has the privilege of owning a digital currency by the name of XRP whereas an open-source payment network that is used to transfer this currency. The aim of this form of cryptocurrency, again, is to minimise transaction costs and time delays in processing transactions.
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  • Litecoin
  • Litecoin is an improvement on the bitcoin process, with a focus towards speed and very low transaction fees. A decentralized digital currency like its other counterparts, litecoin is characterised by reduced transaction confirmation time and improved storage efficiency. It also claims to handle a higher volume of transactions than its competitor bitcoin.