Investment Management

A.I Powered Platform

Xeohive makes investment into digital assets more accessible for insitutional investors.

Investment Management Platform

Xeohive investment management platform leverages key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to provide unique insights into the markets, giving an edge to our clients.

Key Features

These are some of the key features that makes Xeohive well positioned for our institutional partners.

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  • Actionable Insights
  • Our A.I powered analytics provide unique insights into the cryptocurrency markets, giving you a major edge in a fast pacing industry.
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  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Track all your assets, positions and PNL in real-time on our user-friendly dashboard and view historical performance of your portfolios.
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  • Consistent Results
  • Our Artificial Intelligence systems are constantly updated and thoroughly backtested to keep up with ever changing market conditions.
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  • Accountant Friendly
  • Our platform incorporates institutional grade reporting mechanisms that makes accounting a breeze for your digital assets portfolios.

Main Capabilities

These are some of the core functionalities of our platform.

    • A.I. powered Data Analytics
    • Our A.I modules provide unique actionable insights into the crytocurrency markets.
    • Robust & Secure
    • Our platform was built with security and robustness in mind to provide a smooth user experience.
    • Portfolio Management
    • Manage your portfolio seemlessly across exchanges and view all your assets, reports and P&L in one dashboard.
    • Audit and Tax Reports
    • Automated bookkeeping and capital gains calculation, with country specific methods